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Are you tired of the usual MEDIA coverage and want something more?

We hear you. Welcome to Outsider Media Foundation. We are a journalistic nonprofit for those wanting to learn more about American politics, especially the stories of emerging third parties and independent political movements. We dive into the heart of American politics to produce detailed coverage of organizations, events, and major activities, and bring you updates and insights you'll rarely see elsewhere. 

Do you see things for how they really are?

Polling data from Gallup, as recent as January 2021, reveals that 62% of Americans want something beyond the two-party dominant conversation. This indicates a growing desire among people to engage with discussions as diverse as their perspectives. Today's media landscape must step up to the challenge and offer a platform that embraces this exchange of ideas. We aim to provide that platform and equip the public and the media with the nuanced information and stories necessary to enhance understanding of the broader conversation.

Why not TRY an outsider perspective instead?

Our blend of original content and coverage of current news updates through Independent Political Report provides you with a dependable resource to discover different viewpoints and delve into the many hidden stories shaping our society. Follow us so we can build a livelier and more inclusive media outlet. Donate to us to support our original analyses, interviews, and coverage of events not seen elsewhere. Volunteer with us so we can shape the future of political discourse through education, understanding, and critical thinking together. Embrace the label of "Outsider" today and see things from the outside!