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Welcome to Outsider Media Foundation. As a 501(c)(3) journalistic nonprofit, we dive into the unique and often overlooked aspects of American news and politics with a focus on emerging third parties and independent political movements. Through our official journal, Independent Political Report, we provide an in-depth look at organizations, activities, and major events rarely seen on other media platforms. Join us to explore the uncommon stories shaping our political landscape.  

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Gallup polling data from 2023 reveals that American trust in mainstream media is at an all-time low, with only 32% believing they receive a fair, accurate, and complete story. With social media highlighting the gaps in mainstream reporting, the media landscape must evolve to meet this challenge and offer platforms that pursue deeper, more nuanced stories. We at Outsider Media Foundation aim to be that platform, delivering comprehensive coverage that enriches the broader conversation and enhances public understanding.

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Our unique blend of original content and news coverage through Independent Political Report offers you a reliable resource to discover diverse viewpoints and uncover hidden stories influencing our society. Follow us to help build a more vibrant and inclusive media outlet. Donate today to support our original interviews and exclusive event coverage. Write with us to shape the future of political discourse through understanding and critical thinking. Embrace the "Outsider" label and see the world from a new perspective!