About Us

Outsider Media Foundation is a 501(c)(3) journalistic nonprofit based in Goffstown, New Hampshire, and founded in 2023. Our goal is to enhance public understanding of contemporary politics and encourage informed civic participation through educational articles, informative analyses, and other forms of useful content.

We want to help create a more comprehensive and inclusive conversation by increasing public awareness of the diverse voices shaping our society. To achieve this goal, we examine, evaluate, and report on the daily news and activities of political groups and public figures, particularly those not frequently discussed elsewhere, often from a grassroots perspective.

We firmly believe that access to information is essential for confidently engaging with the American electoral system. To that end, we work to ensure that such information is accessible to all who seek it out. We want people to feel more confident and informed about the civic options available to them and are committed to maintaining the highest standards of transparency, accuracy, and impartiality to guarantee that confidence.



Whitney Bilyeu is the Chair of Outsider Media Foundation. In addition, she is Chair of the Libertarian Party of Texas and at-large member of the Association of Libertarian Educators' Board of Directors. Whitney has a professional background in Education and Publishing, as well as extensive experience working on statewide campaigns. Bilyeu previously served on the Libertarian National Committee for six years and was Chair from 2021 to 2022. Her professional experience also includes a previous role as VP of Sales at Texas CEO Magazine.


J. Mark Barfield boasts an impressive background in media, politics, and advocacy. He currently serves as Vice Chair of Outsider Media Foundation, as well as the owner of Bar None Creative Solutions LLC, and Treasurer of Voting Rights Brigade. In addition, he plays an active role in the Chase Oliver for President campaign as the State Organizer for Florida. With experience in journalism and leadership positions in various Libertarian Party organizations, Barfield brings a wealth of experience with emerging parties to the table. He has previously served as Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of Florida and Chair of the Libertarian Party of Volusia County.

Brett BitTner,

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Zachary Dumont,

Zachary S. Dumont is a member of the Outsider Media Foundation Board of Directors and the organization's acting treasurer. Mr. Dumont comes to the role having experience in managing the finances for several third-party political campaigns. Mr. Dumont is a former Town Councilor, elected in 2018 and serving his town until 2022, when he relocated to another community. In his day-to-day life, he works with municipal governments across New England, directly supporting 350 towns and cities, and lives with his wife in Rochester, NH 

Dr. George D J Phillies

Dr. George Phillies is a retired physics professor and writer who lives in Worcester, Massachusetts. He is well-known for his writings on Libertarian politics and has authored four technical studies. He has also been involved in various Libertarian organizations and has run for Federal Office twice. Outside of politics, Phillies is the President of the National Fantasy Fan Federation and edits several S.F. magazines. He has written eight S.F. novels, authored five textbooks on board game design, and has published over 170 scientific research papers. 

Ford Fischer

Ford Fischer is an Emmy-nominated independent journalist, primary source documentarian, and the co-founder of News2Share, a platform for raw video coverage of political activism. His work has been featured in Oscar, Emmy, and Golden Globe-winning films. A comprehensive list of his credits can be found here.


Paul has spent the last 15 years in libertarian politics, which included various roles in the Ohio Libertarian Party as well as duties in statewide candidate campaigns. On a national level, he has been a two-time delegate and works as a periodic advisor to national leaders on project planning and non-party libertarian ventures. Professionally, Paul is a father of five, a CPA, holds several cybersecurity certifications, and is an avid serial entrepreneur in several diverse industries: retail (Soccer Stop, Pelican Golf Properties), Second Amendment advocacy (Unit2A), cybersecurity consulting (Cyber 6), commercial software development (InfoGPS Networks), and public accounting (Pelican3).


Executive staff

Jordan Willow Evans is a policy analyst and writer living in Goffstown, New Hampshire. She is the Executive Director of Outsider Media Foundation and Managing Editor for Independent Political Report. She is originally from Charlton, Massachusetts, where she served seven years as an elected library trustee, six years as an elected constable, and two terms on the Dudley-Charlton Regional School Committee.

Jordan has given presentations on the relationship between personal identity and political identity at the Harvard Kennedy School and before the New England Historical Association. She has appeared on ABC News, BNT 1, Sky News, VICE World News, and RT, and her articles have been in the Telegram & Gazette, CommonWealth Magazine, Houston Chronicle, Advocate, and Kansas City Star. In addition to Outsider Media Foundation, she is Board Treasurer of MassEquality, and Chair of the Libertarian Policy Foundation.